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''It takes both sides

Fredrik Nael

to build a bridge.” 

Buying or selling any product or service, is reliant on the trust that what is being delivered is worth the cost. 

Kiistone acts to bridge the gap of doubt between trading parties by clarifying objectives and safeguarding monies.

Blue Smoke

''whoever has the money has the power” 

Parker & Hart 

Holding monies neutrally shares the balance of power allowing our clients to focus on the successful completion of agreed objectives.


Kiistone is facilitated by MangoPay one of the largest independent banking facilities (Escrow) in Europe (safeguarding over 5 billion in transactions yearly). kiistone is therefore able to Safeguard money invested in a project offsetting stage payments against project milestones, whilst logging any changes in real-time.

Who to trust?
Poor communication
Lack of accountability
Rogue traders
No contract
Poor quality service or product
Lack of information and control
Business bankruptcy


Changing client requirements
Late / non payments
Unjustified disputes
Foreign payments
Supplier delays / bankruptcy
Undocumented changes


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All monies safeguarded in Escrow

Communications recorded

Extras added on agreement

Project stages offset against money milestones

Business & clients validated

Adaptable tasks for a changing environment

Around 50,000 businesses go bust each year due to cash flow problems caused by late payments,

according to the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). It is the biggest single cause of business failure. 

55% of businesses have outstanding invoices from the year before

Court Judgements are costly and exceed 6 months to obtain

2 Main causes of workplace stress are payment issues and customer disputes 

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Get to Know Us

Would you like to find out more about how Kiistone can help your business??

If you have any questions, require any assistance with sign up or would like to request a free onboarding please message us via the form on our contact page

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