Originally developed for the construction industry, and designed by a team of experienced trade professionals, Kiistone is a game-changing new solution changing the way customers and trades work together.

Have you been without work because a customer has cancelled a job at the last minute?

Ever felt frustrated with customers changing their minds in the middle of a project, adding time & cost to what has already been agreed, and making it difficult for you to keep track of the changes?

Does juggling your diary with work commitments, paperwork and jobs to price up leave you without any spare time for leisure and family?

Are you kept awake at night worrying about whether a customer is actually going to pay you for the work you have done? You’ve got bills to pay and supplier accounts to settle!

These are the challenges that we know every tradesperson is having to deal with day in day out, and that’s why we have developed Kiistone.

Kiistone is designed to help tradespeople just like you to organise your projects, protect your money, manage your cash flow, and improve communications with customers, giving you total reassurance that your business is built for success.

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Protect Your Projects

Cashflow Indicator

Escrow Payment

Clear Communication

Flagging Issues

Easily Add Extras

Once you have set up your profile, the Kiistone app is simple and easy to use!


We believe in creating successful projects for trades and customers alike


Our mission is to be the UK’s leading trade operational support organisation


Our vision is to support every trade business to be profitable and sustainable


Making a trade a great career choice and ensuring our customers have peace of mind and satisfaction.


You are out on the tools, you have a deadline to meet – as well as quotes to get out and money to bring in. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day.

At Kiistone, we know first-hand just what that can feel like, so we have developed a range of support packages to help you run your business more effectively.

Kiistone Control can help you quickly get set up on the Kiistone app for as little as £30 + VAT.

Our team of professional PAs can provide you with all the monthly admin support you need to keep on top of your paperwork. From as little as £10 per month (+ VAT) we’ll take care of any admin you need, giving you more time to concentrate on the stuff you’re good at and free up precious time at evenings and weekends.

Kiistone Control can help with: 

  • Support to help you set up and get to grips with using the Kiistone App so that the cash keeps flowing, projects and customer requests are logged and customer confidence increases.
  • Access to your own personal assistant who can answer calls when you’re not available, typing up and sending your quotes and keeping on top of your all paperwork so you don’t have to worry.
  • Optional book-keeping support – simply photograph your receipts and send them from your phone, knowing that your accounts and tax returns will be kept up to date by our qualified accountancy team.
  • Access to social media and marketing support ensuring you let the world know about the great work you’re doing and keep the customers coming to you.

If you would like more information on Kiistone Control, or would like to arrange a call to see how Kiistone Control can help you, please fill in the contact form on the right.



    FSB Membership

    The FSB (National Federation for the Self Employed and Small Businesses) is the UK’s largest business support group providing business services, products and support to businesses across the UK.

    Every Kiistone Premium member is automatically enrolled as a full member of the FSB which means you have all the benefits that FSB membership brings.

    The 22 FSB membership benefits include:

    • All the compliance documents you need to safely run your business and friendly expert advice to help you complete them.
    • Free banking (subject to status)
    • 24/7 Legal, Health & Safety and Employment Law helplines
    • Relevant business support and training, both locally and nationally
    • Immediate & free access to Health & Safety documents

    To access the full range of FSB membership benefits, join Kiistone Premium NOW.


    Caroline Pearce

    As a tradesperson, you are your business, and you need to be physically and mentally resilient to manage jobs, people and customers in these challenging times. Caroline is Kiistone’s Health & Wellbeing Ambassador.

    Her Dad was a tradesman. Her sporting life demanded the highest levels of physical & mental stamina. Her expertise in Health & Wellbeing is extensive.

    We’ve partnered with Caroline to help you:

    • When you can’t sleep at night because the buck stops with you.
    • When you’re working in all weathers, your back and knees ache, and you’ve got heartburn because you’re eating fast food on the go.
    • We know you want to stay healthy but you work such long hours you don’t have much time for the gym.
    • We know that sometimes there’s stuff you just don’t want to talk to your mates about.

    If you want simple ways to improve your health and mental wellbeing that fit with your busy life, join Kiistone Premium NOW.






    Premium Membership Benefits

    Upgrade to Premium Membership today to get access to £1000’s worth of exclusive Kiistone benefits, as outlined on the graphic below.