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About Kiistone

Kiistone was originally developed for the construction industry and was founded by Tim Mullock, a highly experienced building trade professional. Tim was painfully aware that rogue trader activity and late or non payment by customers had led to the erosion of the fragile trust between tradespeople and home owners.

Kiistone was created to stop Rogue Traders and Cowboy Builders, abusing upfront payments.  Customers wanting home improvements feared shoddy workmanship or them not returning at all.  As a consequence, honest tradespeople would feel the lack of trust and stress over late or non-payments, due to excuses over added extras and unrealistic expectations. 


Tim's aim was to provide a structure of clarity and accountability to protect both parties. In tackling these issues, he also wished to radically reduce the shocking statistic that on average a construction worker takes their own life everyday.   The two main contributing factors are cited as money worries and customer disputes creating long term stress and anxiety.


Unfortunately, this issue doesn't improve greatly in other industries. It is with this in mind that Kiistone now looks to the furture providing it's flexible safeguarding to other business sectors.  It's simple aim - to hold people accountable to what was agreed so that everyone receives their intended benefit with as little discomfort as possible. Trading is easier with trust and problems are managed far better with common sense and compromise.

'' Money worries and fears that expectations will not be met can often mean a small inconvenience becomes a major issue which is time consuming and costly to resolve.

I firmly believe that if both parties don't have these insecurities, they will resolve any changes faster through common sense and mutual agreement, thus enhancing their working relationship and common trust. 

It is my hope that kiistone will allow all parties to achieve this goal.''

Tim Mullock, founder

Kiistone, whats in a name...

A Keystone is the central stone at the summit of an arch that supports both adjacent sides and locks them together. Absorbing this pressure creates a strong foundation allowing more progress to be built above the arch.

As seen in Dan Browns Divinci code a keystone is also a small cryptex used for safely storing important information. We feel these definitions both embody kiistone as we are there to support both parties, maintain their relationship and protect their money and time invested in a project.

Our Values

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To provide businesses and their customers with a structure through which their monies can be safeguarded and promote a feeling of control and clarity for the successful outcome of their projects.

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To create a new standard by which quality and integrity can be assured for both customers and businesses. Improve the mental health of business owners and their clients by creating a more transparent trading solution. 

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To promote diligence, integrity and trust in our organisation and to strive to create the best environment for success not just for ourselves but for our customers and businesses alike.

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