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About the App

The kiistone App allows objectives to be set, whilst providing the flexibility to make changes, as an evolving environment demands. Let us tell you how this can be achieved:

Single Staged Transaction


Places Agreed Amount

Transaction £/$/EUR

Plus Fees into Kiistone

Both parties agree specific tasks to be achieved 

Money is Safeguarded

in Escrow until specific tasks

have been achieved


Payout Upon Successful

Task Completion

into Suppliers Bank Account

Kiistone LOGO_edited.png

Multi Staged Transaction


Both parties agree specific tasks to be achieved 


Places Agreed Amount

Transaction £/$/EUR

Plus Fees into Kiistone

Payout Upon Successful

Task Completion into Suppliers Bank Account

Kiistone LOGO_edited.png

Stage 1 Deposit

Stage 2 Manufacture

Stage 3 Transit

Stage 4 Final Payment

Extras or Change can be applied

at any open stage

Any reimbursements for

incomplete tasks or changes

Incomplete tasks or can be moved to the next stage with agreement from both parties with funds offset

App features...

Project value displayed.gif

Safeguards your money

Money is held independently until both parties agree work stages are complete. Only when in agreement can money be released. 

Your money is secured with our Escrow partner Mangopay, protecting over 5 billion Euros worth of transactions a year. 

Clear communication & Reporting

All correspondence recorded, all messages, issues and project additions contained in one location for immediate reference to avoid misunderstandings. 

A report containing all project information can be printed off at any time. 


Add extras or concessions to a project as and when they arise. We appreciate it is very rare that a project goes to plan without any adaptations, the flexibility of our system allows you to make changes but only with the agreement of all parties. updating in real time avoids extra paperwork saving time 

Add extras.gif

Easy to use & add extras

Project Stages

Clearly defined project stages have their own unique tasks. Providing clarity for all. Customers mark tasks as complete at their satisfaction allowing the business provider to immediately invoice for that stage and draw down funds.

Complete tasks.gif

Online App

Fully responsive online app that can be viewed on any device, laptop, tablet or mobile. Allowing you to access on the go

App on mobile.jpg
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