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  • What is Kiistone?
    Kiistone is a game-changing Web App working to protect your payments and give you complete peace of mind.
  • Is the Kiistone app free to use?
    The Kiistone web app is free to use Customer users will be charged a small transaction fee EACH TIME they fund their customer wallet on each work package. This is done via a bank wire payment. Payment is NOT made within the app. Our Escrow provider charges a transaction fee to store and protect any funds safely in a neutral banking facility. Fees can be found on our Escrow Fees page. Businesses for a limited time can sign up for free. A monthly membership scheme is to be introduced. This membership will require businesses to subscribe and pay a monthly or annual fee.
  • Where is money held?
    Any monies deposited are stored neutrally by one of Europe’s largest Escrow banking providers, insured and endorsed by the FCA in the UK in conjunction with Barclays Bank.
  • Can a customer or business remove money at any time?
    No. Money can be removed without mutual consent from both parties, thus protecting both parties.
  • What happens in the event of a dispute? Where is my protection
    If you choose to use a legal mediation service or County Courts, your money will be safely protected in Escrow whilst a judgement is made. All communications are recorded within Kiistone. The print facility allows you to print a report containing all agreed works and changes Kiistone can only move monies based on the outcome of a UK County Court Judgement.
  • Kiistone and the benefits for businesses
    Money is taken up front from the customer, providing reassurance that they can commit time and materials to stages of a project ????? ???? Money cannot be held back for non-justifiable reasons Print project facility that can be used by either party as evidence in the case of a dispute or as a testimonial to show how successfully a project was delivered Using Kiistone demonstrates to a customer that they are committed to meeting the required level of quality and customer satisfaction
  • Can i personalise my quotes and invoices?
    Yes, you are able to add your logos and company information to all the quotes and invoices sent from Kiistone.
  • How do i get paid?
    The Kiistone Web App uses a secure and legally binding agreement called Escrow. We work with one of Europe’s largest Escrow providers to protect our user’s funds. Once you are set up on the Web App, and have full KYC validation, any payments made to you will be available for you to withdraw to your registered bank account.
  • What are the benefits for customers using Kiistone?
    Provides peace of mind Clarity on how your project will run Give you the ability to flag any issues and encourage an open and clear line of communication, resolving any obstacles in real time Log additional tasks, jobs and costs to ensure that both parties are kept informed. All communications are recorded this avoids disputes. All extras can be added with costs, so not contested at the end of a project Support both parties fairly in the event that a dispute arises demanding a third party’s judgement. All parties have the facility to print off a report at any time If a business is using Kiistone it demonstrates they are committed to meeting the required level of quality and customer satisfaction
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