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Lancashire luxury developments
Case study:
Your project in safe hands

Even with a formidable reputation for delivering high end builds – Lancashire Luxury Developments Ltd recognised the competitive advantage to be gained in reassuring clients that their money was not only protected but directly allocated to specific build stages. LLD Ltd approached Kiistone as they recognised that the transparency of Kiistone’s payment platform would help them reinforce their commitment to delivering customer satisfaction for their clients.

Wealthy clients are used to having their trust abused by companies looking to make significant margins on standard products passed off as luxury items.  For their clients - being able to trust them in their homes was more essential than the cost of providing a service or product.  

One such client was current Crystal Palace and England goalkeeper Sam Johnstone.  As a high-profile footballer Mr Johnstone had experienced the negative effects of rogue traders and been stung by the added extras that seemed to accumulate the minute, they found out who he was. 


Playing for Manchester United at the time Mr Johnstone had just purchased his first house on the outskirts of Manchester.  LLD were tasked with fully renovating and extending the property.

Each build stage was allocated specific tasks, within the system, that could be approved before payments were released.  Any changes or extras couldn’t be amended without Mr Johnstone’s direct approval.    

Kitchen LLD.jpg

During the final stages of the refurbishment Mr Johnstone requested that a patio area was added to the schedule of works.  LLD were unable to do this within the time frame required and another contractor was engaged to carry out this work.   

Unfortunately, the resulting work was substandard not allowing for adequate drainage of the flagged area. Thankfully, the money allocated to this was protected by Kiistone.  The contractor decided to ‘walk away’ from payment rather than re-engineer what had already been done.  Lancashire Luxury Developments were able to solve the issues by this point allowing the intended funds to be reallocated to them. 

Blue Background

“When we were planning a major refurbishment of our family home, including a fully fitted kitchen extension, all new bathrooms and driveway, I was offered a chance to road test the app by the project manager.  


It seemed like a really good idea, so I was happy to give it a go. I don’t know anything about building works, but having the project broken down into stages helped me feel in control of the progress and my budget.  


It ended up being a great experience and I feel confident it will be able to help others too.” 

Mr Johnstone

Lancashire Luxury Developments Ltd also agreed; 

“Mr Johnstone’s project fully illustrated to us the benefits of the Kiistone system.  Not just while we were using it but when things weren’t dealt with properly by another contractor.  We saw firsthand that all parties are held accountable for what is agreed, and we are more than happy to stand by this and reinforce the trust our clients hold in us.” 

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