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How to avoid Rogue Tradespeople?

Updated: May 26, 2023

Don’t just trust a new van, smart clothing and a website full of photos. Ask for references so that you have done your own diligence, Make sure you can speak to people they have worked for and preferably visit the jobs to see the quality of their work for yourself. Any legitimate Ltd company will be registered with companies House.

Will they carry out all the work themselves or sub contract some of the work out e.g. if electrics are involved you will need to see their electrical qualifications and expect a certificate at the end of the project. Building works in most cases require planning permission, structural reports for load bearing beams and clear plans. Who will provide them and who will be the building inspector that checks all building regulations have been adhered to.

How will the work be paid for? In stages gives you greater control. If a deposit is required seek an explanation as to what it covers e.g a breakdown of the bathroom suite, materials and time spent in planning and organising your project. If a large deposit is required what is going to protect you if they don’t turn up? Make sure you have any official quote and payment stages in writing. Most tradespeople won’t have a formal contract so this is essential to have proof of what was agreed. Tradespeople are very busy at the moment if they can carry out work immediately ask yourself why?

The most important piece of advice is to trust your gut instinct. If something doesn’t feel right keep asking for information and examples until you feel in safe hands.

Don’t allow a tradesperson into your home unless you have invited them after checking them out. Experienced tradespeople don’t do cold calling! Ask them how they will protect your home e.g. dust sheets, carpet plastic. Will you be without facilities e.g a toilet or sink and for how long? However long you may have to wait to get a good tradesperson - remember it’s better than paying a bad one to leave a mess requiring further work to put right.

Protect your project with Kiistone. Ring fence your monies in escrow and control your project with staged payments off set against task requirements gaining you control over your jobs progression.



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