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Why Kiistone?

At Kiistone we understand that late/ non-payments can seriously affect a Businesses’ cashflow.  

In providing a service yourself this may be reliant on other suppliers to play their role. 

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Business benefits

  • Deposits easier to secure 

  • Start new suppliers with confidence. 

  • Avoid late/ non-payments 

  • Save time and money updating your invoices in real time 

  • Avoid misunderstandings with all changes added through agreement 

  • Up front monies to mitigate risk when dealing with new clients 

  • International transactions allow different currencies to be used 

  • Alternative payment solution to Banking Letters of Credit 

  • Monies protected in Kiistone are ‘ringfenced’ meaning the full amounts are insured 

  • Competitive advantage as you can prove you will deliver and protect your clients 

  • Report production provides evidence to reflect your conduct during a transaction 

  • Neutral holding of monies increases the likelihood of compromise and trust reinforcement 

  • Flexibility allows tasks and monies to be offset to smooth progression and maintain cashflow 

  • Reduce workplace stress and anxiety 

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Customer benefits

  • Your money cannot be released until you are satisfied 

  • All tasks and changes require your verification keeping you in equal control 

  • You are protected against the business provider going bankrupt 

  • Flagged issues must be resolved to release payments 

  • Rogue Traders can’t benefit from your upfront payments 

  • Monies will be securely held until any dispute is resolved 

Done Deal
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