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WM Blundellsands Ltd

Case study:
An Organ Transplant

WM Blundellsands Ltd were in the process of transforming a former church into an incredible new living development voted as one of the Times Best Places to Live 2023.


One of the initial challenges for the team was the sale and rehoming of the church’s beautiful organ to a buyer located in Germany.  This would involve its careful removal, transport and reconstruction for the client.   

In order to initially sell such a high value item internationally and its delicate reconstruction, a balance had to be created where the buyer had confidence that they would get exactly what they were paying for. 

WMB approached Kiistone to provide escrow protection for this staged process.  


The support team at Kiistone faced some challenges of their own, as the German member of the clergy tasked with orchestrating the purchase, wasn’t the most computer savvy client we have aided.  Although this led to some fantastic dialogue along the way. 

Part of Kiistone’s anti-fraud protection requires that monies are placed in escrow through a bank wire transfer, as this is the safest method of depositing. In this case it also overcame the lack of digital banking on the part of the buyer - as they were able to instruct their bank to place the funds directly into the escrow account.  Our international escrow provider was able to take payment in Euros and payout in Pounds Sterling directly into WMB’s bank account upon the successful completion of the operation. 


It was a pleasure to play a small part in such a fantastic project, resulting in the positive feedback below from WM Blundellsands LTD and an invite to join the congregation in Konigstein, for their first carol concert with their new musical centrepiece. 

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